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Coconut Products

Coconut Products

Coconut Products are made from items obtained from various parts of coconut trees. Coir Fibre, Bristle Fibre, Coconut Peats, Coir FMT, Coir Twine, Coir Grow Bags Bristles, etc. are exported widely from Sri Lanka. The uses of coconut products are enormous and money-generating. Brushes, Bristles and Mattresses are produced using Coir fibre, and Bristle fibre. Coco Peats are an excellent growing medium for home & lawn garden plants. It improves aeration in the soil for optimal root growth while maintaining the ideal nutrient availability for plants. Coir FMT is commonly used in making rubberized seats for the automobile industry. Coir Twine is made from the bristle fibres of the husk of the coconut. Coco coir grows bags provide excellent aeration and irrigation facilities for the growth of Plants.

Coconut Oil

Coir Fiber

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Coconut Milk

Coir FMT – Machined Twisted Fiber

Coir Twine

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